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We create visual experiences that people want to share and talk about

Out of Box Films is a Latvia based video production company specialising in commercials, branded content and music videos.

Our team of talented professionals make every project optically arresting and memorable.

Why us?

Thinking outside the box

We are crazy enough creative minds.

We makes bold decisions.

Flawless production experience

All stages of filmmaking are carefully thought out and planned. We use latest equipment and professional editing to obtain an excellent end result.

Films made with love

We are passionate about what we do. We keep our promises and we trust in videos we make.

Our Services

Pre Production

The planning stage

Script, casting, location scouting, equipment and crew, and the shot list 




The actual filming

We bring crew, equipment, actors and all necessary props out to the location and capture all the footage necessary.



The construction of all footage

Organising, cutting, colouring and editing the footage captured in production


Our Mission

Break the conventional boundaries of video production, crafting narratives that engage, inspire or educate a viewer and leave a lasting impact.

To exceed our customer’s expectations in quality, production experience and exceptional value of their investment.

And to create not just a workforce; but a community united by a passion for growth. Cultivate an environment that nurtures talent, providing fertile ground for our team to flourish and break new ground.